“As a fairly new teacher, I have limited materials in my classroom. Ascension Fund provided me with the opportunity to expand on educational material and create an interactive learning environment. During the 2011-2012 School Year I received a grant funded by Ascension Fund for a listening center and interactive listening activities. The listening center provided students with the opportunity to enhance and reinforce literacy skills, which aided in improving students’ performance. The grant had an impact on the entire class and will continue to stimulate students throughout the following years.”
- Jenna Braud, Spanish Lake Primary


May I submit more than one proposal per year?

Teachers may only submit one proposal for Teacher Grants per year. However, a teacher may also be involved in submitting a School Impact Grant. If you have more than one project in mind, please e-mail info@ascensionfund.com.

How many times per year are grants awarded?

Grants are awarded once a year in August.

What is the average grant award size?

The Ascension Fund Grants for Teachers and School Impact Grants are designed to award grants that range in value from $500 to $2,500 depending on the applicant’s needs. $500 - $1,000 for Teacher Grants, and $2,500 for School Impact Grants.

Does the Fund give multi-year grants?


Are grants renewable?


What are the reporting requirements if I receive a grant??

At the end of the school year (May–June), teachers complete and return an Expenditure Form and Evaluation Form to complete the requirements of the grant funding cycle. Teacher Evaluation Forms include data that reflect improved classroom performance; improved classroom motivation; positive academic opportunities; data on project goals, methods, and objectives. Teachers are also responsible for submitting a news article for publication in a local paper to raise community awareness of the level of support from the Ascension Fund in the public schools and send a thank you note to funders and Ascension Fund Board of Directors.

What could happen if I do not meet the reporting requirements?

The Ascension Fund reserves the right to decline funding, regardless of the request if an organization does not meet this requirement. Late reports are considered a violation of the grant agreement and could result in a loss of future funding.

What should I do if I cannot use the grant award as stated in the proposal on which the Ascension Fund based its decision?

Call the Ascension Fund’s Executive Director immediately to discuss the situation. Please understand that The Ascension Fund makes awards in good faith and that you will use the funds as they are intended and within the specified grant term. To use the funds in any other way is not considered good stewardship. However, there are times when an organization is faced with a program change or other circumstance that will require funds to be used in a different way. If this happens, you MUST contact the Executive Director as soon as possible to discuss a mutually-agreed upon alternative. ***It is not acceptable for you to use Ascension Fund funds at your discretion and inform The Ascension Fund after the fact.

If a teacher moves out of Ascension Parish, can he or she keep the grant award?

No. Ascension Fund grants are only for Ascension Parish schools. If however, the teacher moves to another school within Ascension Parish, he or she may take the grant award to the new school.

If the teacher who applied for and was awarded a School Impact Grant moves to another school, can he or she take the School Impact Grant with them?

No. School Impact Grants stay with the school. In the event that the teacher who wrote the grant moves to another school, the school principal may either: (a) find another teacher to administer the grant, or (b) return the funds back to The Ascension Fund.

What areas of interest are most important to The Ascension Fund?

The Ascension Fund is interested in student learning. The Ascension Fund grants have always promoted creativity and innovation, and Ascension Fund encourages educators to seek out ways to maintain and enhance that same creativity and innovation in their classrooms. While there are no restrictions on what can be purchased with Ascension Fund grants, it is encouraged that the funds are used for sustainable projects and that little is spent on consumables (excluding professional leave and/or substitute pay for grants to which this may apply).

What types of projects are of most interest to The Ascension Fund?

Readers prefer projects that are innovative and creative and can be directly linked to student learning. The Ascension Fund Grants for Teachers and School Impact Grants are designed to award grants that range in value from $500 to $2,500 depending on the applicant’s needs. The application may be submitted by one teacher or by a team of teachers. The larger the budget amount requested the more compelling the proposal needs to be.

What geographic area does the Ascension Fund support?

The Ascension Fund awards grants to public school teachers in Ascension Parish. For a list of public schools in Ascension Parish, click here.

I want to make sure that the Ascension Fund would be interested in my project. What should I do?

First, please review the Ascension Fund’s Website. Check to see whether you serve the geographic area and whether the Grantmaking schedule works for your plans. If you determine that your project is a potential match, please contact the Fund’s Executive Director. They will ask about your project and can offer guidance on what steps to take next. You can reach them at info@ascensionfund.com.

Should I speak directly to one of the Fund’s Board members or readers about submitting a grant?

All applicants are encouraged to contact The Ascension Fund’s Executive Director. They will be able to provide important guidance and information. You can reach them at info@ascensionfund.com.

I’d like to send a thank you note/gift acknowledgement to The Ascension Fund. What should I do?

Send all correspondence to The Ascension Fund, 14320 InfiniEDGE Way, Prairieville, LA 70769.