“The Ascension Fund Grant has allowed me to introduce reading to my students in a way that is both fun and innovative. The Kindles allow reader interaction with books and magazines, and the availability of nearly limitless material ensures I have something interesting and appropriate for every student to enjoy.”
- Valerie Comeaux, Central Middle


Welcome to The Ascension Fund's Grants for Teachers Program! These grants provide funding for projects that promote academic excellence in Ascension Parish public schools. The Ascension Fund awards $500 and $1,000 Grants for Teachers and $2,500 for School Impact Grants on an annual competitive basis.

Application Information and Rules: Any Ascension Parish public school teachers, K-12, or full-time Ascension Parish Public School System employee, who is directly involved in the instruction of school children is eligible to apply.

  • A teacher may apply for one (1) Teacher Grant per granting cycle. He or she may also serve as a collaborating teacher on a School
    Impact Grant during the same granting cycle.
  • School Impact Grant Applications must have at least two (2) collaborating authors.
  • A school may only receive one (1) School Impact Grant per granting cycle.
  • No identifying school information should appear anywhere on the application other than the Applicant's Information Page, such as school name, mascot, etc. Failure to comply will result in disqualification.
  • Budget requests may include materials needed to accomplish the project; consultants who are necessary for the successful implementation of the project; teacher training and staff development directly related to the purpose of the project; and equipment and/or field trips are allowed only if an integral component of a larger strategy.
  • Fundraising sponsorships; substitute pay; requests for teacher travel for training; and teacher salaries will not be funded. Projects cannot displace, replace or supplant programs funded through the Ascension Parish School Board, the Ascension Parish General Fund, the Minimum Foundation Program (MFP) or State General Fund.

  • Applications will be evaluated by a Grant Review Committee comprised of community, education and business volunteers on a competitive basis. No current employee of the Ascension Parish School System will serve on the Committee. Applications are scored and grants are awarded according to the funding that is available to the Ascension Fund.

    Application Deadline: 4:30 PM, Thursday, April 27, 2017
    Grant Award Notification: August 2017
    Expenditure Sheets & Invoices Deadline: Jan. 31, 2018
    Project Completion Deadline: April 1, 2018

    For assistance in any phase of grant writing you may call or email Jennifer deFrances at (225) 290-3322 or info@ascensionfund.com